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  • +86-13853233236  kxdandy@chinasteelstructure.cn


    No.268 Sancheng Road,Pingdu,Qingdao,
    Shandong Province,China


    I.Experienced Architect/Engineering team
    For any steel building enterprise,a team of engineers is basically an asset which is to the core competitive areas.KXD is proud to say that we manage a 20-30 membership architect/engineering team with the competence of providing feasibility study,concept perception,design+cost estimation and detailing services for any possible steel structure building,prefabricated house and modular/container house projects.

    II.Reliable Manufacturing Capabilities
    KXD’s 50000 manufacturing plants with cutting edge production line enable us to play the leading role in fabricating structural steel members,wall and roof cladding system and all the necessary accessories.What’s more,our qualified workers make largely contributions to producing the building-systems which is precisely up to the needs of our worldwide clients

    III.Turnkey Solution for any Steel Buildins Buyer
    Prefab Steel building is versatile applicable whether for industrial/commercial developments or for residential solution.However for many potential steel building buyers,they may have no ideas of what a PEB system is.And the procedure of buying a steel building is quite a maze for them.Considering this,KXD is able to provide turnkey solution ranging from pre-study,preliminary design and cost estimation,detail and even installing for our clients.KXD’s installation squad has erected various steel building for our clients.We get off the burden with our clients and make the best decision for them.