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    No.268 Sancheng Road,Pingdu,Qingdao,
    Shandong Province,China

    Steel Multi-storey apartment house

    Multi-Storey Steel Structure Residential System is including development, design, manufacture, construction and services for the multi-storey residential, with load-bearing structure, floor panels, wall panels, doors and windows. With advantage of antiseptic, waterproof, fireproof, heat preservation, heat insulation good performance, all the steel structure components and parts are achieved standardization, normalization and industrialization.

    Using the steel structure system can speed up the progress of the project, lower the costs, accelerate cash flow, lessen the pollution and stronger the vibration resistance in the multi-storey residential. The finished constructed works show that multi-storey steel housing can be ideally used in hotels, apartment buildings, office buildings, dormitories and luxurious house buildings, etc., meet various functional requirements.
    Technical Parameters:
    1. Main Structure: Steel Welded H Section
    2. Purlin: C Section Channel or Z Section Channel
    3. Roof Cladding: Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet with Fiber Glass Wool.
    4. Wall Cladding: Sandwich Panel
    5. Tie Rod: Circular Steel Tube
    6. Brace: Round Bar
    7. Column & Transverse Brace: Angle Steel or H Section Steel or Steel Pipe
    8. Knee Brace: Angle Steel
    9. Wrapping Cover: Color Steel Sheet
    10. Roof Gutter: Color Steel Sheet
    11. Rainspout: PVC Pipe
    12. Sliding Sandwich Panel Door or Metal Door
    13. Windows: PVC/Plastic Steel/Aluminum Alloy Window
    14. Connecting: High Strength Bolts.

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