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    No.268 Sancheng Road,Pingdu,Qingdao,
    Shandong Province,China

    • Name: Pig Shed

    Product name: Pig Shed
    Pig Shed
    Qingdao KXD can offer you the chicken house with all the construction materials such as steel structure, and all the chicken house breeding equipments as your demand. We have the brilliant features that are guaranteed to make your chicken farming successful with low cost, high profit and low risks.

    1. All the materials of steel frame are galvanized H, C and Z-shaped steel section. The grade is upon Euro norm S355JRC or American Norm ASTM A572 grade 50 or equivalent to Q345b.
    2. The wall and roof panels are EPS, PU, cement fiber or glass wool panels. They have excellent temperature insulation properties to keep the poultry house warm and rain resistance.
    3. We offer all the breeding equapments for your different breeding needs. The feed system, water system, vetilation system and insulation system to make sure better breeding.


    1. Then poultry house/chicken house is made of durable material which does not rust when rained on or harbor pests such as red mites.
    2. It is tough wall and roof guaranteeing your poultry a safe haven form storm and hail.
    3. Water and feed containers
    4. A secure wire run that grants effective restriction to prevent the chicken from straying as well as grant them adequate freedom
    5. A spacious area that makes it easy to clean
    6. Fair pricing that will ensure that you save on overheads cost while purchasing and maintaining the house.



    Qingdao KXD Co. Ltd is a direct subsidiary of Qingdao Xinguangzheng Group, which is specialized in designing, manufacturing and constructing high quality, competitive price steel structures, prefabricated and container houses since1996. We provide steel building solutions for any engineerings like briges, workshops, warehouses, industrial centers, supermarkets, churches etc. 
    Our group has close to 150000 square of production space for 4 factory districts. There are 800 teamwork employees to work together. We design, manufacture and construct various shape and standard steel structures as demanded.

    We have fully equipped design and drafting department. We can create, view and modify 2D and 3D drawings using the most up to date workstations.

    Please do not hesitate to contact our representative to discuss your concerned project!

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