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    No.268 Sancheng Road,Pingdu,Qingdao,
    Shandong Province,China

    Low Cost Housing:
    Prefabricated House is a kind of light steel for the frame to sandwich panels for the building envelope materials, standards for space module series combination of elements connected by bolts, the new concept of economic activities in the environmental housing.
    1) Light steel structure
    2) Wall panels and roof panels are color steel sandwich panels
    3) Doors, windows and interior partitions can be flexibly fixed
    4) Easy to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage
    5) Cost saving and transportation convenient
    6) Anti-rust and normally more than 10 years using life Max Width 15000 mm
    Max height eaves 3300 mm
    Max height per storey 3300 mm
    Max storey's 3
    Wall board 75 – 100 mm EPS.
    Wall colour White
    Roof board 75 – 100 mm EPS
    Roof bearing load 50 kg/m 2
    Roof colour Blue or Red
    Gutters & down-pipes PVC
    Fireproofing B1 rating
    Ceiling 12 mm Fibreboard suspended ceiling, 5 mm PVC suspended in bathrooms
    Doors PVC, Wood, Steel or Aluminium
    Windows PVC or Aluminium
    Floors PVC floor sheeting, Tiles or Carpets
    Bathroom Shower (and bath), toilet, wash basin. Toilet roll- and towel holder, toilet brush
    Kitchen Double basin, gas stove & hob
    Plumbing Solar or Gas water heater, all other internal plumbing included
    Electrical wiring All internal wiring, connections and fittings included
    Applications Labour housing, Construction sites, Emergency housing, Granny flats, Schools, Clinics
    Optional extras Fridge, Refrigirator, Microwave, TV, Air conditioner, Furniture, Cladding
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