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  • +86-13853233236  kxdandy@chinasteelstructure.cn


    No.268 Sancheng Road,Pingdu,Qingdao,
    Shandong Province,China

    • Name: Customer Design Mini Steel Structure Warehouse

    Qingdao KXD Steel Structure Co., Ltd. A direct subsidiary of Xinguangzheng Group, is a world-wide leader in providing the highest quality, premium-grade steel buildings at the lowest prices available. We provide steel building solutions for any design challenges and feature flexible clear-span engineering for mega warehouse buildings, industrial centers, aircraft hangars, sports complexes, riding arenas, gymnasiums, church sanctuaries and more. We have professional steel structure engineering contracting first class qualification and ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.

    Main structure: Welding H steel
    Purlin: C section channel or Z section channel
    Roof cladding: Sandwich panel or corrugated steel sheet with fiber glass wool coil
    Wall cladding: Sandwich panel or corrugated steel sheet
    Tie rod: Circular steel tube
    Brace: Round bar
    Column bracing and transverse brace: Angle steel or H section steel or steel pipe
    Knee brace: Angle steel
    Roof ridge: Corrugated steel sheet
    Wrapping cover: Color steel sheet
    Roof gutter: Color steel sheet
    Rainspout: PVC pipe
    Doors: Sliding sandwich panel door or metal door
    Window: PVC or aluminum window
    Connecting: High strength bolts

    1, Protect forest resources
    2, Protect environmental, do not produce harmful material
    3, Prevent fire and insect.
    4, Good shock resistance ability
    5, High quake-proof, water proof and fire proof
    6, Short construction time
    7, Fast construction, save time and labor cost
    8, Prefabricated and customized design
    9, High space efficiency
    10, Life time: Over 25-50 years
    11, Good safety performance.
    12, Nice appearance

    Our service:
    -Quotation according to yours drawing
    -Design and quotation according to yours requirements
    -Delivery the entire steel building to you by containers;
    -Offer all the detailed drawings for installation and fabrication.
    We are manufacturer of various steel structure building, like warehouse, workshop, houses etc.



    1) Steel Structure Building

    2) Metal Building

    3) Modular House

    4) Steel Structure Warehouse

    5) Workshop / Factory

    6) Garage

    7) Steel beams other riveting and welding parts

    8) OEM projects

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