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    No.268 Sancheng Road,Pingdu,Qingdao,
    Shandong Province,China

    Main Framework: Section Steel with painting or Galvanized steel framework;

    Roof: Insulated steel sandwich panel or color-coated corrugated steel sheet;

    Wall: Insulated steel sandwich panel or color-coated corrugated steel sheet;

    Door: Sliding Door;

    Natural Lighting System: Window (Plastic steel window or Aluminium alloy window) or daylight panel;

    Fasteners: Foundations Bolt, common bolt and nuts, etc.

    And more:
    1. All the materials of our steel frame are C beam, Z beam, H-shaped steel and the galvanized steel plate or sheet. The grade is upon Euro norm S355JRC or American Norm ASTM A572 grade 50 or equivalent to Q345B.
    2. Different type: Single slope, double slope, sing span, double-span, multi-span, single floor, double floors are as your demand. The max span is 50m without column and the height can rise to 50, too.
    3. The columns are connected with the foundation by pre-embedding anchor bolt.
    4. We purchase steel raw material directly from china top steel grope like China Steel Group, AnShan Steel Group and Baosteel Group and so on.
    5. The beams and columns, beams and beams are connected with high intensity bolts.
    6. Our steel warehouse is fast and easy erection. Installation with no errors because we adopts pre-installation before we ship the steel structure to ensure the quality of our steel structure products.

    7. We have our own Quality Control Department to guarantee the required quality for the projects.
    8. We have first-class designer so as to decrease much of the work for civil construction design and shorten the constructing period.

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