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    it will be with good insulation, fireproof, strong compared to other sandwich panel, it is wide used for more high rise steel building.

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    Autoclaved lightweight panel brief introduction:

    1. ALC Panel (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete Panel), which is steel mesh reinforced, lightweight and loadbearing.

    2. it can be used as external wall panel (exterior wall panel), internal wall panel (interior wall panel), partition wall panel, flooring, roofing, fence, cladding, curtain wall and facade etc.also has been well used in various kinds of buildings, such as public facilities, industrial constructions, civil housing, hospitals, hotels, apartments, villas, schools, stores, supermarkets etc.one more thing it can replace traditional precast concrete and clay bricks very well.

    3.Also the panels can easily cut, drilled, screwed when installing with fast speed due lightweight and precast.


    The Advantages of ALC panel
     a)Convenient installation 
    The aerated lightweight concrete according to client requirement to make, the construction process is convenient and quick.
    b)Increase the actual use area of the house 
    Because the thickness of aerated lightweight concrete can be adjust,and the thickness of the partition board relative to the aerated concrete block is more thin,increase the actual usable area of the house.
    c)The compressive strength is higher 
    The aerated lightweight concrete relative to concrete blocks change the raw matreial formula,Internal with embalmed steel bar mesh cage,increase the compressive strength.
    d)With certain seismic performance 
    The steel structure during construction and Internal steel bar mesh of aerated lightweight concrete,to a certain extent,increased its seismic performance.
    e)Conducive to mechanized construction 
    Stacking spase saving,saving labor,improve efficiency.

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